I play a bit of football (I would say I am more enthusiastic than skilled) and a bit of Ultimate Frisbee. I have played for a variety of frisbee teams and currently play with the Norwich team, 'Mustard'.

Graphical Design

Photography - I enjoy taking photos in my spare time. I have a bulky but effective digital camera but subscribe to the view that it's the photographer not the camera that's important. These are a selection of my photos:
Logo Design - Although I can't draw, with the aid of technology I like composing either images or logos. For example the DUAL logo.


Usability - my PhD was originally intended to be about making information technology more functional for the blind. Although my research, in the end, focussed more on pure psychology I'm still interested in making technology more useful and accessible. I still get annoyed by mobile phones or gadgets that you can't just pick up and use or websites that hide the information you're looking for!

Web Authoring - I do a bit of web authoring when I have time which I also enjoy. I have recently discovered CSS hence this website (if you don't know what I mean click here
to remove the stylesheet and here to replace it).
I have also been working with javascript and jquery. This allows much more dynamic web pages.

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