Emeritus Professor of American History

University of East Anglia





Howard Temperley began teaching American history at UEA in 1967. Since his retirement in 1996 he has taught occasional courses for UEA and the University of London and has continued writing and reviewing.


He is the author of British Antislavery: 1833-1870 (Longman, 1971); White Dreams, Black Africa: The Antislavery Expedition to the Niger, 1841-1842 (Yale, 1991); Britain and America since Independence (Macmillan/Palgrave, 2002).


His edited works include, with Malcolm Bradbury, Introduction to American Studies (Longman/Pearson, 1979, revised editions 1989 and 1998); After Slavery: Emancipation and its Discontents (Frank Cass, 2000), and, with Christopher Bigsby, A New Introduction to American Studies (Pearson, 2006).


He is a former Editor of The Journal of American Studies and a former Chairman of the British Association of American Studies.


His children’s books include In the Days of Dinosaurs: A Rhyming Romp through Dino History (Williamson Books, 2004).


He has latterly taken up illustrating. To see a few examples of his artwork click here.  For additional examples, you may also contact him using the e-mail address given above.