What was NASC?


The rationale behind NASC, The Norwich Area Schools Consortium

NASC was made up of teachers from several Norwich schools, lecturers from the School of Education at the University of East Anglia, and advisors from Norfolk Local Eduation Authority who came together to look into problems of disaffection and disengagement from learning in local secondary schools, and to try and find ways of reducing educational underachievement. It also considered the ways that pupil disaffection impacted on the quality of working life and professional satisfaction of practising teachers.

p3The genesis of NASC- how an educational research network was established and developed

The Norwich Area Schools Consortium (NASC) was one of four school-based research consortia and originated in an LEA initiative for school improvement. It was funded by the TTA and CfBT and launched in 1997 with the objective of engaging teachers in and with research as a means of enhancing pedagogical skills in dealing with the problem of student disaffection.

Underpinning principles
and ways of working
Organisation Why disaffection? Money
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