PAPERS 2005 and onwards

"The first shall be last...: the importance of On Certainty 501", in Essays on On Certainty (edited by Daniele Moyal-Sharrock et al; London: Palgrave, 2005).

"501" is a version of this paper, only very slightly different from the version in print. The paper concerns the continuities in Wittgenstein's thinking.

"Memento: A philosophical investigation", jt. with Phil Hutchinson, in my Film as Philosophy (2005) [see above].
A draft version of this paper is available here.

"The elucidatory reading of Wittgenstein's Tractatus", jt. with Phil Hutchinson, International Journal of Philosophical Studies 14:1 (2006), 1-29 . [Dan Hutto replied in the same issue]
available here.

"Review Article: Whose Wittgenstein?", jt. with Phil Hutchinson, Philosophy 80 (2005). Available here.

"Economics is philosophy: Economics is not science", International Journal of Green Economics issue 2, 2006. Click here.

"Is forgiveness ever possible?", in Literature and philosophy: new perspectives (edited by David Rudrum; London: Palgrave, 2006).

"Forgive" is a working draft of the above paper on Austin, Cavell, Derrida et al. The version appearing in Rudrum's book has been shortened, for reasons of length.

"How and how not to Write on a "Legendary" Philosopher." (Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Vol. 35, September 2005) A response to certain mistaken writings on Kuhn. Click here.

"Does Thomas Kuhn have a Model of Science?" (Social Epistemology 2003 Vol. 17. Nos 2 & 3, 293-296.) For a look at this further investigation into Kuhn, click here.

"A Perspicuous Presentation of 'Perspicuous Presentation'" (In Philosophical Investigations, 2008. 31: 2; pp. 140-160). Click here.


"The 'hard' problem of consciousness is continually reproduced and made harder by all attempts to solve it", Theory, Culture and Society, in press (Summer/Autumn 2007).
A version of this paper is available here.

"Towards a Green philosophy of money" (forthcoming in the International Journal of Green Economics, 2007)

"On applying the ideas of the legendary Thomas Kuhn", Electronic Journal of Information Systems.*

"There is no such thing as de re self-reference: or, 'Godel's theorem over-interpreted'", Philosophia Mathematica * [accepted pending revisions].

"Godel self-ref"is a version of the above paper. Apologies for some formatting problems here; in particular, the diagrams are absent. You will have to work out from the surrounding text what they should look like...

"Beyond monism and pluralism", Philosophy of the Social Sciences * [accepted pending revisions].

"Is meaning use?", [joint with Phil Hutchinson] in Daniel Whiting [ed.] The later Wittgenstein on meaning [Basingstoke: Palgrave]

"Wittgenstein and Zen Buddhism: One Practice, No Dogma." A draft of this can be viewed here.

"Therapy", [joint with Phil Hutchinson] and "Ordinary Language and the Everyday" in Kelley Dean Jolley's Wittgenstein: Key Concepts (Acumen).