PAPERS 2000-02

"Erotic love considered as philosophy of science", in Review Journal of Philosophy and Social Science * XXV:1&2 (2000), 35-57.

"Erotic love as phil[osophy of] sci[ence]"
is a version of the above humorous and deadly serious paper on passion and science.

"What "There is no such thing as meaning anything by any word" could possibly mean", in The New Wittgenstein [see above], 74-83.

"Wittgenstein and Marx on ordinary and philosophical language", in Essays in Philosophy * 1:2 (Summer 2000); on-line journal: , pp.1-41.
Available here.

"The New Hume's new antagonists: On the relevance of Goodman and Wittgenstein to the New Hume debate", in The New Hume Debate [see above], 167-197.

"Getting rule-following right: The anticipation in 'Philosophical Investigations' of para.s 201-2 by para.s 197-9", in UEA Papers in Philosophy New Series no.11 (2000), 25-36.

"Psychotherapy: a form of prostitution?" (jointly written with Emma Willmer), in British Gestalt Journal 9:2 (December 2000), 30-36; a reply to this paper was published in the next issue of the Journal.

"Gestalt money for love"
is a longer, earlier version of the above paper on paying for love (for therapy).

"Is there a legitimate way to raise doubts about the immediate future 'from the perspective of' a doubted immediate past?", in Wittgenstein Jahrbuch * (2000), eds. Wilhelm Lüttersfeld, Andreas Roser and Richard Raatzsch (Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2001), 89-112.

"Recent work: the Philosophy of Literature" (jointly written with Jon Cook), in Philosophical Books XLIII: 2 (April 2001), 118-131.

"On wanting to say: "All we need is a paradigm"", in The Harvard Review of Philosophy XI (Spring 2001), 88-105; recently reprinted in a volume of the best of the Harvard Review.

"Wittgenstein", in The Philosopher's Magazine (issue 15, Summer 2001), 53-4, reprinted in Great Thinkers A-Z, ed. Julian Baggini (London: Continuum, 2004).
Available through The Philosophers' Magazine.

"How I learned to love (and hate) Noam Chomsky", in Philosophical Writings * 15 & 16 (2000/1), 23-48.

"Read on Chomsky" is a corrected version of the above paper.

"What does 'signify' signify?", in Philosophical Psychology * 14:4 (2001), 499-514, published along with Grant Gillett's reply.
Available through Philosophical Psychology.

"On approaching schizophrenia through Wittgenstein", in Philosophical Psychology * 14:4 (2001), 449-475; soon to be reprinted in a NovaScience (Hauppage, NY) volume on the foundations of psychology.
The abstract is available here.

"What is Chomskyism? Or: Chomsky against Chomsky", in The alternative Raven ('Language, Mind and Society' issue, 2001 [published along with Chomsky's reply]), 33-51.

"Are Philosophical Counsellors and Therapists prostitutes?: A dialogue" (jointly written with Emma Willmer), in Philosophy in the Contemporary World,* 7:4 (2001), 33-42.

"Is 'What is time?' a good question to ask?", in Philosophy 77 (2002), 193-209. [Michael Dummett replied to this paper at length in Philosophy in the following year]
Available through the journal Philosophy.
"Dummett reply" is a slightly updated and corrected version of the above paper critiquing Dummett on time, Realism and Anti-Realism.

"Kripke's conjuring trick" (jointly written with Wes Sharrock), in The Journal of Thought * 37:3 (2002), 65-96.
A version of the paper is available here. It is a companion paper of sorts to my short paper on Kripke in my edited book, THE 'NEW WITTGENSTEIN'.
"NEW Kripke's Conjuring Trick" is a different version of a paper by myself and Wes Sharrock on Kripke's view of Wittgenstein.

"Nature, Culture, Ecosystem: or 'The priority of Environmental Ethics to epistemology and metaphysics", in N.Scheman (ed.), Feminist Readings of Wittgenstein * (NY: Penn. State Press, 2002), 408-431; reprinted (with new Post-Scripts) in Alan Malachowski's edited volume on Pragmatism for Sage, 2005.

"Thomas Kuhn's misunderstood relation to 'Kripke/Putnam essentialism'" (jointly written with Wes Sharrock), in Journal for the General Philosophy of Science * (2002), 151-158. [Reply by Alexander Bird appeared two issues later]
A version of this paper is available here

"Wittgenstein and Marx on vampirism and parasitism", in Wittgenstein and Marxism (edited by G.Kitching and N.Pleasants; London: Routledge, 2002), 254-281.

"Reply to Wernick", in Proceedings of the First International Workshop on "Interpretive" Approaches to Information Systems and Computing Research" (edited by Anjana Bhattacharjee and Ray Paul; London: Brunel, 2002), x-xii.

"Logicism and Anti-Logicism are equally bankrupt and unnecessary", in Haller and Puhl (eds.), Wittgenstein and the future of philosophy, Proceedings of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society (2001/2), 380-8.

"Word Logicism - Austria Conf" is a version of the above paper.

"Frege against logicism" is a DRAFT much expanded version of the paper.