This has been put in to keep one of my daughters happy. I have two daughters both now very grown up. They are called Rachel and Kate and one day I might get round to scanning in pictures of them. They both have children so these days I am a grandfather, this is good fun and can be recommended without fear.

I am related to the other Dr Camina see

Now I am totally retired I do some voluntary work with both CAB and a credit union. CAB struggles to help people who are finding things difficult, especially with various government services. the credit union that I am involved with is called Ketts Credit Union, see the website Ketts and is a small one in Norwich.

Some time ago I wrote some thoughts on pensions, 2008 to be precise and kept meaning to do something with them. Given the current financial crisis I thought would stick them here. Alans

if you want to read my random views on various topics then my blog is the place to go.