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As from August 31 2001 Alan Camina in now an Honorary Professor in the School of Mathematics at UEA. My plans are to write some papers, do some research and spend time doing things I like. However I am now the facilitator for the LMS! This might be helpful.

My colleagues kindly organised a celebratory day for my retirement. Here are some pictures.

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My main mathematical interests are group theory and combinatorics, especially linear spaces and block designs. I have also worked both many years ago and recently on the influence of the sizes of the sizes of conjugacy classes on finite groups.

Recognising direct products from their conjugate type vectors, J. of Algebra,Vol 234,(2000) 604-608 (with R. Camina)

Pro-$p$ Groups of Finite Width, Comm. in Algebra 29 (2001) 1583-1593 (with R. Camina)

Sporadic Groups and Automorphisms of Linear Spaces, Journal of Combinatorial Design, 8,(2000) 353-362. (with F. Spiezia)

Line-transitive,point quasiprimitive automorphism groups of finite linear spaces are affine or almost simple. Aequationes Mathematicae, to appear, (with C. E. Praeger)

Implications of conjugacy class size, Journal of Group Theory 1, (1998), 257-269, (with R. Camina) (MR 99g:20033)

Imprimitive automorphism groups of linear spaces Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, (1996) Vol 3, No 3 (with S. Mischke) (MR 96k:05020)

The socle of automorphism groups of linear spaces, Bull. London Math. Soc. 28. (1996) 269--272. (MR 96k:20004)

Line-Closed sets of Steiner triple systems and of classical spaces, Journal of Probability and Statistical Inference, 56 (1996) 65-77, (with Alice A Miller) (MR 97m:05028)

Block-transitive, point-intransitive block designs. Combinatorial designs and their applications (Milton Keynes, 1997), 71--82, Chapman & Hall/CRC Res. Notes Math., 403, Chapman & Hall/CRC, Boca Raton, FL, 1999 (MR 2000d:51009)


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