Model Theory at UEA

Model theory is a branch of mathematical logic which investigates properties of mathematical structures expressible in a formal (usually first-order) language, and conversely investigates the expressive power of formal languages by reference to what they can say about particular mathematical structures. In recent years there has been a rich interplay between model theory and algebra: methods developed in a purely model-theoretic setting have been applied in areas such as group theory, number theory and algebraic geometry and conversely algebraic questions and constructions have suggested new directions in model theory.

To get a better impression of the area you could look through the books:

The research group in Mathematical Logic at UEA consists of:

Wider expertise in algebra and number theory is also present within the School of Mathematics.

Within model theory there are interests at UEA in:

Also see Mirna Dzamonja's page Set Theory and Applications of Set Theory at UEA

We run a semi-regular working seminar on Logic.

Other recent Model Theory activities at UEA include:

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