LMS Invited Lecturer 2014

Professor Jouko Väänänen

(University of Helsinki, Finland and University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Games, trees and models.

Foundations of mathematics and second order logic

The mathematical theory of dependence and independence

14-17 April 2014

University of East Anglia (London campus on 14th of April, Norwich campus 15-17 of April)

Games, trees and models: This is a new approach to mathematical properties of uncountable structures. We relate it to transfinite games, mathematics of trees, and a branch of model theory called stability theory.

Foundations of mathematics and second order logic: The role of second order logic is a source of a lot of debate in the area of foundations and philosophy of mathematics. In this topic we give a mathematical approach to second order logic, using methods from the first topic, and discuss a foundational and philosophical interpretation of the results.

The mathematical theory of dependence and independence, a topic introduced by Väänänen in his 2007 monograph “Dependence logic”. The general methodology introduced in the previous two topics is used to analyse dependence and independence concepts throughout mathematics with applications to computer science, and a number of other fields of science, where dependence and independence concepts have a crucial role.

There will be supplementary lectures by:

S. Abramsky (Oxford), J. Bagaria (ICREA, Barcelona) (slides), M. Džamonja (UEA) (slides) , D. Isaacson (Oxford), P. Galliani (Clausthal University of Technology), P. Welch (Bristol)


For details of the lectures please see    http://www.uea.ac.uk/~h020/Joukoprogram.pdf

Lecture notes will be written by Juliette Kennedy (University of Helsinki) and published by LMS.


Some photos: here and here. For any further details contact: M.Dzamonja@uea.ac.uk With gratitude to Timothy Southon and Sue Spurgeon of the local support team at UEA for their help in organising this conference!