Conference on the Representation Theory of p-adic groups

Registration, and all talks, will take place in room 2C on the first floor of the King's Building, at the end next to the Strand Building.

Wednesday 9:00 Registration
  10:00 Welcome address from the Principal of King's College
  10:20 Peter Schneider (Münster)
"Smooth representations and Hecke modules in characteristic p" Abstract
  13:45 Marie-France Vignéras (Paris VII)
"Representations modulo p of p-adic groups"
  15:00 Jiu-Kang Yu (Purdue)
"Tame types: construction and parametrization"
  16:30 David Goldberg (Purdue)
"Types for classical groups with self-dual Siegel Levi support" Abstract
Thursday 9:30 Martin Taylor (Manchester)
"Pfaffians and epsilon constants"
  11:00 Freydoon Shahidi (Purdue)
"Functoriality and Representation Theory of p-adic Groups"
  13:45 Loren Spice (Michigan)
"Characters of division algebras over a p-adic field" Abstract
  15:00 Vincent Sécherre (Marseille)
"The supercuspidal representations of GL(m,D)"
  16:30 Phil Kutzko (Univeristy of Iowa)
"Certain Hecke algebras for p-adic classical groups and connections with Galois representations"
  19:30 Conference Dinner (in the River Room)
Friday 9:30 Jean-François Dat (Paris Nord)
"Finiteness properties of Hecke algebras of p-adic groups" Abstract
  11:00 Ernst-Wilhelm Zink (Berlin)
"On tempered types - some first results"
  13:45 Guy Henniart (Orsay)
"On Bernstein-Aubert involution" Abstract