Time Series

Some time series for Analyis
  1. Ozone concentration, downtown L.A., 1955.1-1972.12 ozone.dat
  2. Ecg trace ecg.dat
  3. Sunspots 1700-1979 lspot.dat
  4. Wolfer sunspot series (Box series E) wolfer.dat
  5. UK index of industrial production 1700-1912 iprod.dat
  6. El nino index 1866-1997 elnino.dat
  7. Age of female oscal winners 1929-1996 * indicates shared oscar oscar.dat
  8. Annual Canadian lynx trappings 1821-1934( from Brockwell and Davies) lynx.dat
  9. Beveridge Annual Wheat Price Index 1500-1711 wheat.dat
  10. Motor cycle data from Hardle bike.dat
  11. Number of drivers and front seat passengers killed and seriously injured ksi.dat
  12. Number of drivers and front seat passengers killed killed.dat
  13. Mink Musk Rat data mink.dat
  14. Monthly jeans sales in the UK jeans.dat
  15. Artificial data series art1.dat
  16. Shampoo sales from Hyndaman shamp.dat
  17. Mini prices (deflated) annuallly from 1959 mini1.dat
  18. Actual Mini Prices annually from 1959 mini2.dat
  19. Annual Global mean temperatures 1866-1996 (deviations from mean) gmt.dat
  20. Australian beer consumption,quarterly March 1956 - June 1996 beer.dat
  21. Average temperature in Northern hemisphere ( months) nhtemp.dat
  22. Annual average temperature in the Northern hemisphere nhyear.dat
  23. Average temperature in Southern hemisphere ( months) shtemp.dat
  24. Annual average temperature in the Southern hemisphere shyear.dat