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Energy Courses within the School of Environmental Sciences/ Norwich Business School:  Links to Sessions given by NK Tovey

Note: There are also resource materials from several courses no longer running – please see the Former Course Section below

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·         []  External Presentations given by N K Tovey

Modules running in 2018. There have been minor changes to the course pages – to provide access to updated handouts and Powerpoint Presentations.

·         [] ENV-5022B /ENVK5023B Low Carbon Energy [Spring 2018]  Nuclear Power


Modules in NBS 2013 - 2015

·         [] NBS-M018 Low Carbon Technology and Solutions [Spring 2013]  - this is almost identical to NBSLM03E at UEA London

·         [] NBS-M017 and NBSLM04D Climate Change Governance and Compliance [ Autumn 2013]


·          []   MBA Master Classes given by NK Tovey– including Field Tours – up to 2013

·         [] MBA Field Tour to Sizewell July 24th 2014

·         [] NBS-3B1Y Strategic Corporate Sustainability [December 2014]



Modules which ran in 2009 – 2012 but which are no longer running or which have changed substantially.   Relevant Modules from years prior to 2009 which include information which is still of relevance for energy courses are included further below

Modules which ran in 2011 – 2014


·         ENV-2A82/ENV-2A82K/ ENV-2A84.     The information on these modules is essentially the same as ENV-5022B above apart from minor modifications

·         [] NBSLM03E Low Carbon Technology and Solutions [May 2011]  - this is a very much reduced form of the module with the same number run in 2009-2010 – see panel to right

·         ENV-3A20 Global Environmental Change – Group J

·         [] MBA-SCM Master Class: 11th June 2011

·         []  ENV-3A20 Global Environmental Change – Group P  - Spring 2012




Modules which ran in 2009-2010

·        [] NBS-M016.  Contemporary Issues in Climate Change and Energy   This module was exclusive to students on the MBA in Strategic Carbon Management .and was taught in 2010. It was the direct successor to ENV-M558 taught in 2008 and 2009.. 

·        [] Master Classes in Full time Strategic Carbon Management and those participating in the General MBA.

·         [] NBSLM01E (2010 Climate Change and Energy – Past, Present and Future.  This module was taught only at UEA-London as part of the Modular Strategic Carbon Management MBA.

·         [] NBSLM03E - Low Carbon Technologies and Solutions  (2010)  Taught at UEA London

·         []  ENV-M594 MSc Course  [ 2010]     Master’s Course

·           []  NBS-M009:  Low Carbon Business Regulation and Entrepreneurship [Autumn 2010] – superceded by NBS-M017


Description: Description: topFormer Modules which are no longer running but have handouts with information which are still relevant as content is no longer taught. 

·         [] ENV-2A36 Low Carbon Energy Resources
This partly replaced ENV-2E02  Energy Resources below.   From 2011 ENV-2A82 is the successor course to this.

·        [√] ENV-2D02 Energy Conservation [2006]
[20 credits WW - ran in Spring Semester 2005-2006 for final time. Parts of this module were incorporated in ENV-2A36, and subsequently ENV-2A82 and ENV-2A84,  but there is still content of relevance no longer covered in current modules

·  [] ENV-2E02 Energy Resources [2004-2005]
Superceded by ENV-2E04 and then partly by ENV-2A36 and from, 2011 by ENV-2A82 and finally by ENV-2A84– although the content in these latter courses is much less than the original and this provides links to additional handouts etc.

·    []  ENV-2A33 Fossil Fuels [2008-2009]


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