Recent External Presentation given by N.K. Tovey

     Carbon Footprint Template used in some presentations

      Nuclear Power presentation – given to MBA on 7th March 2013   -    accompanying background notes


The following are the major external presentations given in 2014 - 15.   For archived presentations from 2013 and earlier – please see end Those prior to 2010 are now archived and are available should they be needed by contacting Keith Tovey.

·         Energy Presentations relating to the Energy Trilema of Carbon Reduction, Energy Security and Affordability of future energy supplies

There are two versions of this Presentation – more technical ones for Professional Bodies, and less technical ones for the wider audience.   Generally only the latest version in each category is available with the latest updated data.   If anyone wants the specific presentation given to a given group and it is not linked then please contact me and I will endeavour to retrieve it from archive.

More Technical Versions

o   Presentation given to Institution of Mechanical Engineers – 19th March 2015  at Park Farm Hethersett, Norwich

o   Presentation given to Institution of Civil Engineers – October 14th 2014 in Leeds

Less Technical Versions

o   Presentation given at Huntingtower Hotel, Perthshire (4th & 5th November 2014).  Previous presentations:  Rotary Clubs of Sudbury (7th April 2014), Baldock (20th November 2013)

·         Presentations relating to Fracking

o   This section is being updated – three versions of this presentation have been given depending on length of time available.  The short version was generally given at lunch time and is typically 25 mins long.  The intermediate one is around 40 mins, while the long version was around 50 mins.   There were slight variations as time progressed as the opportunity was taken to update values.   The presentations shown here are the versions with the latest information.

§  Short Version 25 – 30 mins.     Presentations given at Rotary Clubs of Great Yarmouth (11th August 2015),  Baldock  (18th February 2015).   Norwich Thorpe St Andrews (6th February 2015), e-Club of East Anglia (22nd October 2014), Broadlands (9th January 2014).

§  Intermediate Version ~40 mins.   Presentations give at Rotary Clubs of Norwich (15th October 2015), North Walsham (23rd March 2015), Wroxham Bure Valley (28th April 2014),   North Norfolk (11th November 2013),  Broadlands 41 Club (25th March 2014), North Norfolk (11th November 2013). 

§  Long Version ~ 50 mins.           Presentations given at Stumpshaw and District Association (30th September 2014),   Wenhaston Green Energy Group (13th May 2014)

§  Presentation given to Cromer Labour Club – 19th September 2013

o   Background 18 page report written for Rotary covering the key points given in the above Presentations.

·         Carbon Reduction Strategies at the University of East Anglia

·         Other Presentations on Energy

·         Presentations given about the Rotary Club of Shanghai: 

o   Version 1: given at the Reepham (11th February 2013), Diss (3rd September 2013), Bungay (12th November 2013), North Norfolk (7th April 2014), Wroxham Bure Valley (23rd February 2015),

o   Updated Version: given at the Rotary Club of Norwich (14th July 2015).



·         Archived presentations from 2014

Presentations in 2014 have yet to be archived – they are listed above

·         Archived presentations from 2013

·         Archived presentations from 2012

·         Archived presentations from 2011

·         Archived presentations from 2010

·         Archived presentations from 2009

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·         Presentations on   New Electricity Trading Arrangements, BETTA and Energy Saving to delegations from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan

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