ENV 2A02 Coastal and Marine Ecology

For external readers, this unit forms part of University of East Anglia's degree programmes in Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

To effectively function as a professional ecologist it is essential to be able to make effective use of the scientific literature.  This course seeks to develop student's skills in finding their way around the literature and making the best use of the material they find. This is achieved by encouraging students to read extensively, and to discuss their reading with each other. The course does not attempt to give a general coverage of marine and coastal ecology, but selects particular sections of the field and studies them in some detail, with the specific aim of exposing students to the relevant primary literature.  Recurring themes include:

In addition to this I try and let students see how science works in practice - the ways in which scientists collect pieces of a puzzle bit by bit; make mistakes and argue with each other - a rather different picture from the nice tidy world of "just so stories" which is sometimes portrayed in textbooks.

Introductory handout covering reading lists etc. and Word document containing main list of references

Alastair Grant

Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation
School of Environmental Sciences
University of East Anglia

Powerpoint slides of lectures - note that copyright reasons mean that some images cannot be included in these files

Introductory lecture

Rocky Shore Lecture

Competition and Predation on hard substrates

Ecology of Soft Sediments

Handout on interactions on hard substrates (hardcopy distributed 1st February)

Competition and Predation in soft sediments (partial lecture)

Pollution lectures (sections only of 1 and 3)

Phytoplankton lecture (part only)

Eutrophication lecture (part only)

Reproduction of marine organisms

Reproduction of marine organisms part 2

Supply side ecology - as a Word document that is a little rough round the edges

Links to some web pages that give useful links to web based material on marine biology:

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

Marine Ecology

Older issues of Ecology, Ecological Monographs, Ecological Applications, Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics, Journal of Ecology and Journal of Animal Ecology are available at http://www.jstor.ac.uk.

and you may find this site at Nottingham University useful, although we do not have access to all the journals indexed there. Another index site is http://www.libra.titech.ac.jp/online.html, although chunks of this are in japanese.

In addition, I have put a large number of articles into the short loan collection (all of the items preceded by a * on the main reading list).


If you come across anything else which is of particular interest, please email me with details .

Alastair Grant, 23rd January 2003