Wednesday 28th February - 2nd Down Day

After a good nights sleep, the team began their second day off.  Although there was no flight, the day consisted of flight planning and data analysis.  While many of the scientists loomed over weather charts, most of the graduate students spent the day glued to their computer screens.  As Matlab figures and code flashed before their eyes, they thought longingly of Nina’s cabin, a warm fire, good food and a cold Icelandic beer.

After lunch, the decision was made to combine three missions into the next day’s flight.  Barrier winds, lee cyclogenesis and targeted observations were planned into Thursday’s flight, with hopes of a barrier winds flight on Friday.

 The remainder of the day was spent working away in the command centre until eyes started to close and the team retired to their rooms.  It’s hard to believe that day ten has already come and gone.

Students at Work