Friday 23rd February - First Down Day

A 'down' day today, so no flying taking place. This allowed (almost) everyone to have a lengthy lie in, with our morning briefing not until 9am. Much of the morning was spent finalising flight plans for the 'targeted obs' flight tomorrow, where we will fly into an area where extra observations should help improve the forcasts in a couple of days over the UK and north-western europe. An initial flight plan was also generated for a possible flight on Sunday to observe a small low pressure system which has been present to the north of Iceland for the last couple of days. In keeping with an apparent GFDex tradition, another passport was temporarily misplaced. Breaking with tradition, however, this had nothing to do with Nina.

Planning for tomorrow

Outside the Blue Lagoon


This done, it was decided that we could afford to take the afternoon off, and a number of the team took a trip to the fabled Blue Lagoon. This involved spending a stressful couple of hours in a geothermally heated pool, by all accounts 'promoting harmony between body, mind and spirit'. How putting mud on your face helps with this still remains a mystery!

Evening meals included a trip to a local fish restaurant to celebrate the arrival of some more scientists from the University of Bergen, and a breakaway trip to the local Thai restaurant, where a small breakdown in communications resulted in the production of three beers rather than three bills, though you probably had to be there to appreciate the amusement.