Tuesday 20th February - Getting Organised

Today was a leisurely 9am start for the GFDex party, with the exception of the unfortunate Stephen, who was volunteered to get up at 5am to download forecast products before the briefing meeting.  Introductions and briefings took up most of the morning, and the team quickly decided that conditions would be favourable for a reverse tip jet mission tomorrow.  Planning for this got underway, as FAAM made a trip to the airport to unload cargo from the plane.  A trip which was only slightly delayed due to a flat battery from ‘over-enthusiastic use of lights on the crew bus’ (c. Bob Wells).

Flight Planning
Out for pizza
  The only drama in the conference room in the afternoon was provided by the setting up of a computer network by FAAM, and the eventually successful attempts by the scientists to connect their own laptops to said network.  This having been done, everyone retired for the evening.  After a near miss wth a banana topped pizza in the local pizza restaurant, a small group went in search for the famed Aurora Borealis in the night-time Keflavik skies.  The decision to walk to the coast and look out to the north over the sea where there are no lights, seemed like a good idea until we ended up stood next to a lighthouse.  This, coupled with the high level of light pollution generated by this small town probably helped to make this the search unsuccessful.  Better luck next time!