Sunday 11th & Monday 12th - Pack Up and Travel Home

The campaign is over but there is still much work ahead. The analysis of the vast amounts of data collected is a daunting task, but one that all the scientists involved will welcome. The task for today however was equally daunting but far less interesting, today they packed up. All the print outs were filed, files backed up, photos exchanged and boxes filled. After the excitement of the previous three weeks it seemed somehow anticlimactic and some had difficulty believing that the campaign is really over. The packing done and the goodbyes said there is little else to do but to try and sleep before the coming journey home.




Next morning the UEA team boarded the aircraft for the last time. With everyone aboard the team was soon airborne and enjoying a far more peaceful flight then some of the previous weeks. After less than 3 hours, a shorter flight than everyone was used to, the plane had returned to its home in Cranfield. After customs checks and the final goodbyes to the FAAM people, the team ensured they had their car keys and returned home to Norwich. Satisfied with the results but exhausted from the ordeal the scientists were home and the campaign was a success.