Thursday 8th - Pub Quiz

With the previous day’s crisis still hanging on their shoulders, the team began their day eager to make up for yesterdays set backs.  Unfortunately, the sensitive area predictions had not materialized so Ian spent the morning formulating a new plan.  The rest of the team found different ways to pass the day.  While some left the hotel to take in the local scenery, others remained in the command centre in front of their computers.  Most of the afternoon was spent programming, analyzing and hitting the refresh bottom on ECMWF website.

At the 5pm briefing, Ian described to a few confused faces the “following a parcel” flight that was planned for the next day.  Once the science was explained, Bob took over with GFDex wash-up discussion.  Feedback was given about many aspects of the campaign, but the final word was success!

Pub Visit

Quiz Sheet


Our last down day came to end as everyone headed out for dinner.  In honour of the Norwegians last night, a few decided to take in the local pub.  Little did we know that Thursday nights are quiz night at Paddy’s Pub.  As Ivan and Erik tried to interpret Icelandic, Dave and Carling waited patiently for the English translation.  Despite our best efforts, it was clear that our Icelandic history (and for that matter our general knowledge) was not up to par with the locals.  With an almost passing score, the team rejoiced in the success of not coming in last place! Overall…a memorable experience.