AVHRR Image Files in Matlab Format

This webpage contains the AVHRR satellite data in Matlab .mat format. These files were created using data from the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station and as such the DSRS should be acknowledged whenever this data is used. This data can be plotted with the plotting code created by Dave Sproson, available from the code page.

Flight Code


Channel 1 file

Channel 4 file

B268 21/02/07 14-35Z_21feb07_N18_Band1.mat (55Mb) 14-35Z_21feb07_N18_Band4.mat (56Mb)
B269 22/02/07 12-05Z_22feb07_N17_Band1.mat (18Mb) 12-05Z_22feb07_N17_Band4.mat (18Mb)
B270 24/02/07 12-59Z_24feb07_N17_Band1.mat (22Mb) 12-59Z_24feb07_N17_Band4.mat (22Mb)
B271 25/02/07 12-36Z_25feb07_N17_Band1.mat (70Mb) 12-36Z_25feb07_N17_Band4.mat (70Mb)
B272 26/02/07 12-12Z_26feb07_N17_Band1.mat (23Mb) 12-12Z_26feb07_N17_Band4.mat (23Mb)
B273 01/03/07 12-43Z_01mar07_N17_Band1.mat (15Mb) 12-43Z_01mar07_N17_Band4.mat (15Mb)
B274 02/03/07 12-20Z_02mar07_N17_Band1.mat (15Mb) 12-20Z_02mar07_N17_Band4.mat (15Mb)
B275 03/03/07 13-37Z_03mar07_N17_Band1.mat (12Mb) 13-37Z_03mar07_N17_Band4.mat (12Mb)
B276 05/03/07 12-29Z_05mar07_N18_Band1.mat (14Mb) 12-29Z_05mar07_N18_Band4.mat (14Mb)
B277 06/03/07 12-28Z_06mar07_N17_Band1.mat (11Mb) 12-28Z_06mar07_N17_Band4.mat (11Mb)
B278 09/03/07 12-59Z_09mar07_N17_Band1.mat (12Mb) 12-59Z_09mar07_N17_Band4.mat (11Mb)
B279 10/03/07 12-36Z_10mar07_N17_Band1.mat (12Mb) 12-36Z_10mar07_N17_Band4.mat (13Mb)