David Aspero


School of Mathematics, University of East Anglia

E-mail: d dot aspero at uea dot ac dot uk

I am a lecturer in Pure Mathematics at the School of Mathematics of the University of East Anglia. For contact details see here. ORCID: 0000-0002-7972-2860

Here you can find my CV (last updated 11 July 2017). pdf

Current teaching

This semester (2016-17 Spring semester) I am teaching the Set theory module (MTHE6003B/7003B). I am also module organiser for 2016--17 for the Analysis (MTHA5001Y) and Mathematics Dissertation (MTHA7029Y) modules. My office hours this semester are Thursdays 16:00-17:00 and Fridays 11:30-12:30.


I am happy to supervise PhD theses in various flavours of set theory. Please contact me for any further details. Here is a short description of a specific PhD project.

High Forcing Axioms

Forcing axioms are principles occurring naturally in set theory. These principles assert that some initial segment of the universe is saturated, in some well-defined sense, relative to some large number of generic extensions. Models of these principles are naturally produced by suitable iterated forcing extensions. Due to technical reasons, most classical strong forcing axioms pertain the initial segment of the universe known as \(H(\omega_2)\). The techniques for producing models of strong forcing axioms at the level of \(H(\omega_3)\) or higher up are new or yet to be developed. This project aims at developing these techniques and studying the combinatorial consequences of this type of axioms.


My work in mathematics is in set theory. I am mostly interested in infinite combinatorics, forcing, forcing axioms, large cardinals, definability issues, and the interactions between these areas.

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