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The Team

 The team of Project Jağrakan is a gathering of people with similar interests and a common fascination with Icelandic Black-tailed Godwits. Currently the team includes people from several backgrounds and distinct professional activities that share a passion to better understand migratory systems, with the ultimate goal of better preserving our natural heritage.

  Members of Project Jağrakan organize regular trips throughout the Icelandic Godwit’s range to catch and resight colour-ringed Godwits and to meet with local observers. Over the years, the network of bird-watchers and ornithologists that have contributed to the project has grown and many of these people have become part of the project, contributing to this long term study at several levels

Project Jağrakan "Hall of Fame" in and order of declining latitude or southward migration


Tómas G. Gunnarsson



Raymond Duncan


Jennifer A. Gill

Peter M. Potts

Ruth Croger

Bill Sutherland
Mike Pratt



Beck Hayhow

Jim & Peter Wilson


Guillaume Gélinaud


José A. Alves

Across the Range!

All the observers that contibute to this project!

Special thanks to those whose pictures have been used on this website:

Astrid Kant, David and Pat Wileman, Jim Wilson, Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson, Krijn Trimbos, Mark Carmody, Mark Golley and Richard Chandler

International Team in Iceland

José, Tomas, John, Guillaume, Pete, Richard, Ruth, Beck & Pedro

Ready for processing Godwits in Portugal

Nick, Roger, David, Pete, Nuno, Tim, Ruth, Catarina & Pedro

Looking for arriving Godwits in West Iceland

Jenny, Beck & José

Catarina and David overlook Tim and Andy while José Pedro and his daughter Marta fit the ring on the first Godwit cautgh in Portugal

Barry O'Mahoney and Beck catching Godwits in Ireland

Tomas showing Bill how Godwits forage on shellfish in Iceland!

Jim and Pat Smiddy setting mist nets in South Ireland

Team at Reykholar, Iceland

Pete, Ronald, Christoph, Ruth, Astrid, Tim & Helen

Processing Godwits in Portugal

Ruth, Tim, Andy, Jenna, Joana, Pedro R., Raymond, José, Maria (land owner), Pedro L., Luisa and Pete holding an Avocet!

Team visiting Tomas in Iceland

Tomas, Pete, Guillaume and Ruth

Alexandre jumping the extra mile over a ditch to get some records in the Algarve, South Portugal.

Team waiting to fit some colour-rings, after a successful catch in Portugal!

Afonso, Ruth, Tim, Andy and Filipe

Jenny and Graham keeping an eye out for Godwits arriving in Iceland.

Pete, Guillaume and Ruth catching Godwits in Iceland with the help of Siglufjörður Godwit Ringing Team

Pete, Boddi and Guillaume looking for colour-ringed Godwits in Iceland

Tim trying to do some colour-ring reading, while José and Astrid compete for the telescope.


Project Jaðrakan is a international collaboration initiated by the Farlington Ringing Group (FRG) and the University of East Anglia (UEA).

The FRG has developed inumerous actions (education, conservation, research, etc.) dedicated to Icelandic Black-tailed Godwits under the "Operation Godwit" they host. To learn more about other group's activities fly to:

The best way to contact any team member is via email, you can find it under the name on the pictures above, but you can also write us to any of the addresses:

University of East Anglia
School of Biological Sciences

Farlington Ringing Group
C/O Peter Potts
Solent Court Cottage
Chilling Lane
SO31 9HF


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