UEA School of Mathematics Exam Papers for Year 1 Modules

Note that module syllabuses and exam style can change slightly from year to year, even if the module code and name remain the same. Some past papers listed below are from modules with significantly different syllabuses, but with a reasonable amount of overlapping content. If in doubt, please seek clarification from the current module organiser as to what material is examinable, and which past paper questions are relevant.

Sets, Numbers and Probability (MTHA4001Y)

Linear Algebra (MTHA4002Y)

Real Analysis (MTHA4003Y)

Mathematical Problem Solving, Mechanics and Modelling (MTHA4004Y)

Calculus and Multivariable Calculus (MTHA4005Y)

Known errors on past papers for MTHA4005Y

Probability and Mechanics (MTHB4007B)

Calculus (MTHB4015Y)

Probability (MTHB4009B)

Mathematics for Scientists A (ENV-4015Y)