Absolute Zero


An excellent documentry on the history of understanding cold and the ensuing race to the coldest temperature possible - absolute zero.
With grants from the NSF, BBC and Sloan Foundation, the UO's Russell Donnelly is targeting middle schoolers but also showing the world how science's quest for cold has unfolded over time ... and continues.

From the introduction to Absolute Zero -- For centuries: cold remained a perplexing mystery. Nobody had any idea what it was, much less how to harness its effects. Yet in the last hundred years cold has transformed the way we live and work. Imagine homes or supermarkets without fridges and frozen foods; or skyscrapers without air conditioning; or hospitals without liquid oxygen. We take for granted the technology of cold. Yet it has enabled us to explore outer space and the inner depths of our brain.

Liquid Helium II: The Superfluid

A six segment video on the properties of superfluid Helium II.

Rather old, but very nicely demonstrates the transition from liquid Helium I to superfluid Helium II, the ability of He II to flow
through very small pores, and the fountain effect.

Also illustrated is the famous Andronikashvili experiment that motivated Landau's famous two-fluid model of superfluid helium.