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Tony Hobson was, until retirement in November 2001, a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics of the School of Mathematical and Information Sciences at Coventry University. He graduated from the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth in 1964, with a BSc. Degree 2(i) in Pure Mathematics, and from Birmingham University in 1965, with an MSc. Degree in Pure Mathematics. His Dissertation for the MSc. Degree consisted of an investigation into the newer styles teaching Mathematics in the secondary schools of the 1960's with the advent of experiments such as the Midland Mathematics Experiment and the School Mathematics Project. His teaching career began in 1965 at the Rugby College of Engineering Technology where, as well as involvement with the teaching of Analysis and Projective Geometry to the London External Degree in Mathematics, he soon developed a particular interest in the teaching of Mathematics to Science and Engineering Students. This interest continued after the creation of the Polytechnics in 1971 and a subsequent move to the Coventry Polytechnic, later to become Coventry University. It has been his main teaching interest throughout the thirty six years of his career; and it has meant that much of the time he has spent on research and personal development has been in the area of curriculum development. In 1982 he became a Non-stipendiary Priest in the Church of England, an interest he maintained throughout his retirement. Tony Hobson died in December 2002.

The set of teaching units for "Just the Maths" has been the result of a pruning, honing and computer-processing exercise (over some four or five years) of many years' personal teaching materials, into a form which may be easily accessible to students of Science and Engineerng in the future.

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