School of Chemical Sciences,
University of East Anglia,
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Personal and Professional Development for Scientists

A HEFCE funded project.

Materials for teaching professional skills, written and produced by Roger Maskill and Imelda Race at the University of East Anglia.

Copyright Statement

The materials presented here are copyright to the University of East Anglia. They may however be freely used, in whole or in part, in all institutions financed by the Higher Education Funding Council of the UK.

Some materials and illustrations are copyright to the original developers, from whom clearance has been obtained for use in the materials published here. Because of this, no parts of the documents may be printed, copied or used in any other way except within the teaching materials.

Obtaining the materials.

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The materials

There is an Introduction and Contents, five Units of teaching, an Assignments Booklet, a Student Workbook and a Staff Development Guide.

Introduction and Contents. An introduction to the contents of the course and a summary of the aims and objectives and comments on how to use the materials.

Unit 1. An introduction to the course and introducing the students to each other.

Unit 2. Working in groups.

Unit 3. Teamwork.

Unit 4. Skills for problem solving in teams.

Unit 5. Effective communication.

Assignments Booklet. Notes about the assessment and four assignment exercises.

Student Workbook. Materials the students will need.

Staff Development Guide. Comments on the style of teaching required in the course.

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